It was the first time I wanted to become sworn brothers with anyone. - Choi Siwon

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080720 背后的故事 - Hanwon’s Impromptu Drama cut 

My Favorite Bromance Drama

This was foreboding…..T_T

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One degree of SiHan separation.

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Sihan AU- Fun, Fun, Fun
Of those who met him, very few remained unaffected by Siwon's looks. 
Many would even call him the 'hottest piece of ass' they'd ever seen.
But, to Han Geng, the truth was simple: Siwon was a complete idiot.

Sure he looked handsome and cool, but he also talked to inanimate objects.
Started dancing in the middle of the supermarket.
Dragged him to the amusement park in the middle of the afternoon.
Texted him to ask the color of his underwear.
Gave their car a stupid name. Fell down laughing in the street.

And with each idiotic incident, Han Geng would smile and ask himself what
he ever done to deserve such good fortune.

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precious sihan 

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sorry sorry BOOTYPUNCH (`_´)

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Here Hannie, come into my bosom. 

Here Hannie, come into my bosom. 

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